qui-mortem-invitavit asked: I wanted to let you know that this blog is literally one of the best astrology blogs out there. You're so sassy but you're funny and really accurate at the same time :D Keep up the fabulous work ^-^

I’m happy you’re enjoying my blog; I really appreciate your message, thank you very much!

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hopefallsinmyheart asked: Hi! Can you please describe a female with a Rising sign in Libra, moon in Gemini and sun in libra?


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t-taurus asked: Any advice for a Taurean going through friendship problems? I find myself drifting from friends, because I assume they become more and more untrustworthy, or is that just me being paranoid? My three closest friends are a Capricorn, Virgo, and Libra.

While it is by no means impossible to fall victim to a very extensive conspiracy you are looking at three very different signs, and as such should at the very least consider that the issue may lie with your perception. Astrologically speaking I can neither confirm nor deny your suspicions, as all three signs are capable of treason as well as loyalty, and none of them are guaranteed to display either under all circumstances.

So perhaps ask yourself this: Even your very question already phrases that you only “assume” them to become more and more untrustworthy. But have they given you a tangible reason to make this assumption? Can you actively name examples of them betraying your trust? Are you preemptively worried about a specific scenario? Could it be that you only perceive them to become more untrustworthy because the ongoing increase in length and depth of your friendship necessitates that they have more “material” to betray, as it were; in other words, are you afraid of the stakes of treason, no matter how likely or unlikely, becoming too high for you to cope with? Do you perhaps feel that you have betrayed their trust in some way, and fear that they might mirror or pay back your treason?

I suggest none of these thoughts to be more or less plausible, but I would like to offer them to you as a starting point of your own analysis. I hope you find a satisfying answer to your problem, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Anonymous asked: What sign is like most likely to go insane

There is no such thing as “going insane”. There is such a thing as mental illness, but as the name suggests it is an illness, not a character quirk. You might as well ask me what sign is most likely to catch a cold or break a leg.

And while there are of course some statistics related to the signs and frequency of individual mental health problems I am not entirely satisfied with their source, not to mention that I very deliberately choose not to publish these while the marginalisation and misinformation surrounding mental health is still as pervasive as it is at the present.

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loliashi asked: Hello. Can I ask you a numerology related question? I understand you're an astrology blog, but they kind of go hand-in-hand. (??) well anyway, lately I've been having two numbers appear in my dreams. 7 and 20. The appear everywhere. They cover the walls of everything in sight, then they will flash brightly. 7 will flash 20 times, 20 will flash 7. Does this mean anything to you?

What you are asking me about is numerology and dream interpretation, not astrology. You are correct to say that they are related, but still a rather different specialty. Picture walking into a hospital and asking, “I understand that this is pediatrics, but could you give me brain surgery while I’m here?”

My answer would be the same in both cases: I could give it a shot if it was an emergency, but for your own well-being I would really rather you consult the appropriate expert instead.

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fascinate-my-heart asked: I love how the Leo soulmate is either a Pisces, lettuce, or a libra lol

They are very passionate and versatile people that way.

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Anonymous asked: A guy I'm in love with and dated for a very big part of my life is a Taurus and I'm a Pisces. We still talk and everything but do we make a good match and do you think we would work out again. We were talking about getting back together but I want to know if our signs are a good pair first.

You have worked out before. However, you have also split up before. Ask yourself if the circumstances surrounding your separation have really changed, if you want this relationship, or if you are simply afraid of moving on from this “very big part of your life”.

Because no matter how good or bad a pair you two make astrologically, your compatibility is exactly the same as it was the first time you were together, and you already know how it worked out then.

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Anonymous asked: so i'm currently seeing two guys (im an aries female) who have the exact same inner planets but their sun signs are different. i find this really weird... thoughts?

You are currently seeing two completely different people. That is all there is to it.

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