ablubluh asked: thank you for running this beautiful blog with brilliance and panache. i think you were one of the first blogs i ever followed, and i have never once regretted it.

I’m honoured by making it on that list, and very happy to hear that my blog’s stayed with you for some time. Thank you very much for your message!

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Thank you for playing! I still have some anonymous questions left in my inbox, which I will answer as soon as possible in the next few days. Other than that it’s back to our regularly scheduled logged-in program.

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Anonymous asked: I cn't scrl dwn on ur menu with the theme u hav. it cuts off in the middle of the 'browse by sign' roll out. plz fit it, thnx.

I’ve had this theme for a very long time, and never heard this complaint before. I’m not sure I can fix it, but I will look into it.

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Anonymous asked: you seem infinitely smarter than a 14 year old... sorry your getting stupid fucking anons tonight, hope you have a lovely rest of the day!

I don’t know, quite a number of people can be pretty staggeringly bright with just fourteen (or even younger still). But thank you, I appreciate the sentiment and your message!

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Anonymous asked: You don't answer all of your questions do you?

Unfortunately this is true! I try to answer as many as I can, however there are a number of reasons why I might not respond to an inquiry:

- The question is very common and has already been explicitly answered on my FAQ page.

- The question is so interesting that I would prefer to do a thorough series for all signs on it, rather than quickly answering it for one sign and have it get lost in my askbox tag. In that case I usually keep the message as a reminder of the subject I would like to write about.

- I did not receive the question. Tumblr sometimes does this really frustrating thing where says I have three messages in my askbox, but it only shows me two, no matter what I do. That’s not just a wrong number, sadly, that’s some messages plainly not showing up for me to read (or, on occasion, not even going through in the first place).

Sometimes it also simply takes me a while to get to a question, because on some days the number of asks I receive is quite large, and work and my own leisure time don’t always leave me enough time to dedicate myself as thoroughly to this blog as I would like.

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Anonymous asked: ur posts rnt tht acurt, thy r astonishingly stupid

What saddens me most about this message is that I am actually not 100% confident whether this message is an amusing parody of some of the criticism I receive, because I currently have a handful of tragically similar ones in my askbox.

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Anonymous asked: I'm just asking (plz take no offense) But are you like 14-15 ish, you act kinda like a teen-girl :P

If you were “just asking”, you would plainly ask me how old I was. Instead you already take a guess at my age, and additionally label this guess as “teen-girl”, presumably invoking the negative and sexist stereotypes wrongfully associated with this group of people (which, quite frankly, I find infinitely more disgusting than the - actually rather flattering notion - of being compared to a group of young and passionate women).

If your intention was not to offend, then I have to wonder what it was meant to be instead, because your passive-aggressive and immature dig at my reasoning skills and conduct certainly had nothing to do with inquiring after my age and say more about your mindset than they do about mine.

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Anonymous asked: You make scorpio's out to be bad people


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Anonymous asked: (different anon) Cusps are valid!!!!!!! Any astrologer would know this!

Yes, I think I see it now. It’s a scientifically proven fact that the number of exclamation marks employed at the end of any given sentence increases the veracity of its claim by 74%, as such I don’t think I can deny the validity of cusps any longer. Thank you for showing me the way.

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Anonymous asked: It's not even that, it's the fact that your posts are either nonspecific, too specific, or when in conjunction with other posts, contradicted or confusing. You're also very rude based on your replies to several anons.

I do apologise for that, not only humbly and sincerely, but also will all my heart. In the future I will do my utmost to make the information I post considerably more specific, and also ensure that the facts I provide are a great deal less specific. I will also take great care to avoid contradictions. I love all of you, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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