Anonymous asked: female Virgo in love with male saggitarius we have both confirmed our love for each other. we talk every day. I recently saw him telling another girl he loves her and vise versa on tumblr. does he really love me? please give me some advice. :(

My advice is that he may very well really love you, or he may not. The main issue you need to focus on first is that he told somebody else that he loves them as well, because his amount of love for you will not change that fact.

So determine whether this is acceptable for you or not, before proceeding with anything else.

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Anonymous asked: so I'm a Leo. very hard core. and they say only the sex drive would be high for a Leo & Aquarius couple, but I've found interest in so many Aquariuses and am actually with one right now and we are thinking about marriage... and yeah the sex is great, but it's great all around. I don't get it, maybe I'm just different? because I am a default astrology follower too.

If you can give me a source for those “they” I might be able to look into this more closely, because I’m very confident that this is not something I have propagated on my own blog, and there is only so much correcting I can do of other people’s errors.

Honestly though? You are already experiencing that everything is great all around, so whether you are different or not, I think that knowledge is everything you need.

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Anonymous asked: ok that response to the ace anon was kinda uncalled for. grow the fuck up.

You are a grey blob with sunglasses, so I am having some difficulties taking your call for maturity seriously.

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Anonymous asked: gemini is the most heterosexual one ahahh what a joke (fyi i'm gemini and asexual)

"i have no grasp on proportions or other people’s experiences so when i don’t see myself reflected in a statement it couldn’t possibly mean that my sign is still statistically the most likely to exhibit a certain quality because it’s not like there are actually seven billion people on this planet ahahh what a joke"

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liv-beautifully asked: I'm confused So I'm a libra and they ( astrology people ) say cancers and libe as don't get along, but my mom and best friend are both cancers so…? Is it because my friend is a cancer- Gemini?

Astrology people who don’t offer you more information than “Cancers and Libras don’t get along” probably are not very good astrology people to begin with, as it is very important to differentiate between the dynamics of romantic, familial or amicably platonic relationships, to name just a few possibilities.

Siblings of two particular signs will need to be examined under a completely different lens than sexual partners of the same two signs, and anybody who wants to tar them with the same brush and tell you that SIGN X and SIGN Y DOES NOT GET ALONG GOODBYE should not be trusted to offer accurate information.

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I will open aaastrology's inbox to anonymous asks overnight, and try my best to answer them all over the weekend! So hit me, and please remember to have a quick look at the FAQ and the sidebar tags, in case they already contain what you need to know!

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josieanglin asked: I need lots of help. I got my chart so this is what it tells me: Rising sign: 21 deg Taurus Sun: 4 deg Aquarius Moon: 2 deg Aries Mercury: 21 deg Capricorn Venus: 11 deg Pisces Mars: 12 deg Aquarius Jupiter: 4 deg Capricorn Saturn: 21 deg Pisces Uranus: 0 deg Aquarius Neptune: 25 deg Capricorn Pluto: 2 deg sag N. Node: 2 deg libra I have no idea what any of that means. Like idk what the degrees mean or the planets! Can you help me please!

Sure, no problem!

1. Go to my blog’s main page.

2. Check the sidebar, and find your sign according to the day and month of your birth.

3. The end. That’s it. That’s literally all you will ever need.

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castielsbanana asked: Can you please tell me the traits of a person with: Gemini sun, Taurus moon and aquarius ascendant


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pentagram-crackers asked: Out of all the signs, which one do you think gets the most crap? meaning, which one do you think people misunderstand or trash the most

There is really no easy answer to this, in fact I would dare say that there is no answer to this at all.

For instance, even the idea of signs getting crap is a very subjective thing. You have to keep in mind that a Libra will value different traits than a Leo, so what may seem like an insult to one sign is in fact a compliment to another. Different signs will react differently to critique, no matter how warranted. Some signs may accept that a certain negative trait is simply part of them, others will refuse and deny their flaws until they turn blue.

So it’s already difficult to set a scale here, and adding to that you have to know that all signs have some qualities that can be more easily misunderstood and misinterpreted than others, especially by people who rely on stereotyping and personal observation rather than scientific data.

Following up on that thought I would argue that no sign has an inherent penchant for misinterpretation, no sign is so complicated that it couldn’t be properly analysed. Instead all signs have the unfortunate (yet equal) potential to suffer inaccuracies and a bad reputation stemming from biased and badly researched astrology.

Except maybe Pisces. They are just hugely weird creeps all around, and I have honestly no idea what is wrong with them. I mean. Ew. Just ew.

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