Anonymous asked: So the sexual orientation post is kind of offensive and gross.. I recommend deleting it. -lesbian Gemini

If you are offended and disgusted by reading about the statistical dispersion of different traits and characteristics amongst different groups of people, then I recommend you close your eyes very hard every time you see my blog on your dashboard, because that is literally all you will find here.

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Anonymous asked: I'm simultaneously a Gemini and the gayest thing for miles, I'd recommend you drop the hypothesis attempting to find a correlation between zodiac sign and sexual orientation.

Oh hey, I had a call for you, from some guy, I think he said his name was Standard Deviation? I know you’ve obviously never heard of him, but you should really give him a ring back.

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Anonymous asked: gosh i guess id better be a shit head then

Well, if that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, then I wish you the best of luck in your endeavour!

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Anonymous asked: Lechuga

Unfortunately you are mistaken, this is not one of the twelve signs.

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bmtlove asked: Aries

You are correct, this is one of the twelve signs!

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irlemalf asked: Hey, I can't help but notice that in most cases when somebody asks you about the compatibility of their and their significant others' star signs you say "Great. Go for it." but in some cases you give more elaborate answers. How come? Otherwise, great blog, your shit is 100% true

Hi there!

The reason for this is that this type of information is very complex, and takes up a great deal of time to boil down to the most important aspects. I am working on a suitable fact series regarding romantic compatibility, however I have repeatedly stated, both in my FAQ and in response to questions about it, that I will not be answering (or even cannot answer) individual compatibility questions in the meantime.

I still get a great - like, MASSIVE - amount of them, however, and as I would not want to put my followers through repeating the same explanation for every single compatibility question, I choose to answer them very briefly instead.

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Anonymous asked: I'm Gem and about as gay as they come.

Gosh, well, I’d better close up shop then, why don’t I?

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Anonymous asked: female Virgo in love with male saggitarius we have both confirmed our love for each other. we talk every day. I recently saw him telling another girl he loves her and vise versa on tumblr. does he really love me? please give me some advice. :(

My advice is that he may very well really love you, or he may not. The main issue you need to focus on first is that he told somebody else that he loves them as well, because his amount of love for you will not change that fact.

So determine whether this is acceptable for you or not, before proceeding with anything else.

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Anonymous asked: so I'm a Leo. very hard core. and they say only the sex drive would be high for a Leo & Aquarius couple, but I've found interest in so many Aquariuses and am actually with one right now and we are thinking about marriage... and yeah the sex is great, but it's great all around. I don't get it, maybe I'm just different? because I am a default astrology follower too.

If you can give me a source for those “they” I might be able to look into this more closely, because I’m very confident that this is not something I have propagated on my own blog, and there is only so much correcting I can do of other people’s errors.

Honestly though? You are already experiencing that everything is great all around, so whether you are different or not, I think that knowledge is everything you need.

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Anonymous asked: ok that response to the ace anon was kinda uncalled for. grow the fuck up.

You are a grey blob with sunglasses, so I am having some difficulties taking your call for maturity seriously.

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